The mission of the Pegasus Education Foundation is to enhance and enrich teaching and learning in the Paulsboro Public School District and to help prepare and inspire the academic pursuits of all of our students from preschool through high school.



1. Staff Enrichment-providing resources to the Paulsboro Public Schools staff

     a. Mini Grants

     b. Awards to be used for unfunded items

     c. Professional Development Fees


2. Student noneducational funding-providing underprivileged students with living essentials

3. College and Career Readiness-providing resources to aid students in the transition from secondary school to higher education and vocational training.

     a. Curriculum funding

     b. College application aid

     c. SAT prep

     d. Alternative post-secondary training in the trades


4. Academy Funding-21st Century programs like STEM





President-Dr. Walter Quint

Vice President-Steven Anuszewski

Secretary-Marc Kamp

Treasurer-Robert Robostello




Judy MacKenzie

Paul Morina

Vanessa Poggioli

John Reynolds

Irma Stevenson

Tahje Thomas

Phil Weiss

Dr. Laurie Bandlow

Laura Bishop

Kathleen Brust

Barbara Dunn

Philip Duvilla

M. Wilma Harris

Henry Ludwigsen




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(856) 423-2222 x2214

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Paulsboro Schools Administration Building

662 N. Delaware St. Paulsboro, NJ 08066

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