Our Mission

The mission of the Pegasus Education Foundation is to enhance and enrich teaching and learning in Paulsboro Public Schools and to help prepare and inspire the academic pursuits of all of our students from preschool through high school graduation.

About the Foundation

The Pegasus Education Foundation is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization. The foundation is separate from the school district but exists for the sole purpose of providing resources to maintain and improve school programs.


The Foundation coordinates fundraising, advocacy, institutional partnerships, and volunteer efforts for education related initiatives aimed to benefit students in the Paulsboro Public Schools.


The Foundation provides grants to help support projects identified as priorities by the school district. It engages the community at-large and alumni of the Paulsboro Public Schools for the purpose of providing additional financial resources to the school district. The Foundation may also help secure support through state and federal grants, as well as other funding opportunities.

Our Goals

Paulsboro Public Schools are asking for help from our community—residents, alumni, and local businesses— to meet the educational needs of our students.


In order to substantially expand and improve academic offerings that prepare graduates for in-demand careers both locally and beyond, the Pegasus Education Foundation is partnering with Paulsboro Public Schools to develop and launch a PreK-12 STEAM Academy.


We are eager to bring to life new academic and applied program offerings that will benefit current students seeking high-quality academic programs as well as draw new students from the region.


Whatever post-graduation steps students choose after high school—college studies, training or apprenticeships in the skilled trades, military service, or entrepreneurship—the goal of the Pegasus Foundation is to position our students for success.


We are thrilled to share our vision with you, our community. The endeavor of a PreK-12 STEAM Academy will revitalize not only our public school system, but support and enhance our community at-large.


But we—the Pegasus Education Foundation and Paulsboro Public Schools—can’t do this alone.


We need your support to launch and then nurture the STEAM Academy initiative.

Executive Board

Steven Anuszewski PRESIDENT

Robert Robostello VICE PRESIDENT  & TREASURER      


Trustees & Advisors

Dr. Walter Quint

Laura Bishop

Kathleen Brust

Kathleen Carfagno

Barbara Dunn

Philip Duvilla

M. Wilma Harris

Christine Lindenmuth

Henry Ludwigsen

Judy MacKenzie

Jennifer Maden

Hannah Milano

Paul Morina

Vanessa Poggioli

John Reynolds

Eric Singleton

Irma Stevenson

Tahje Thomas

Phil Weiss

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